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Hi! My name is Saransh Sharma and I am a behavioral strategist with 6+ years of experience in research and design for behavior change at scale. My approach to problem solving involves an experimental and evidence-based orientation supplemented with insights from management science, policy analysis and novel applied social science methods such as behavioral psychology, system dynamics, complexity and network analysis.

I have conducted primary research in India, USA, South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya and have worked on complex and diverse issues such as mother and child health, HIV prevention, financial inclusion, gender based violence, sanitation, nutrition, employee motivation & retention, airline auxiliary sales and health insurance consumer behavior.

I graduated from the Department of Management at London School of Economics. I have been published in reputed peer-reviewed academic journals such as PLOS ONE and have received the prestigious ESOMAR Best Research Paper of the Year Award.

Go Nudge Yourself is a personal project for expanding, recording  and sharing my knowledge in behavioral and cognitive psychology. The articles and videos contain thoroughly researched summaries of key themes and topics in behavioral and cognitive psychology.

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